One Voice for Freedom: The Forth Plinth Campaign

As statues across the country are coming down, we are campaigning to put one up.

Britain’s economic prosperity is undeniably linked to slavery. Currently, the UK lacks any prominent physical representation of this significant and very real chapter of British history. In light of this, the necessity of a commemorative statue or sculpture cannot be understated

London is home to the largest proportion of Afro-Caribbean descendants in the UK (1.1 million). Trafalgar Square is in the heart of the capital, a globally recognised destination in which the Square’s Four Plinths are seen year-round. Since 1841, the Fourth Plinth has not permanently pedestaled any statue or sculpture – we insist this space is now used to represent and acknowledge British slavery.

This sculpture not only acts as a memorial to the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, but a place where Afro-Caribbean diaspora can connect with their ancestors who unwillingly gave so much to this nation.

One Voice For Freedom has sufficient funds of £500,000 for the Fourth Plinth sculpture, in addition to the support and praise of notable artists, sculptors, public figures and businesses.

“A memorial to the victims of the Transatlantic slave trade is long overdue for many in the UK especially for people of African descent.” – say our supporters

Prof Kevin Bales KMG
Charles Dance OBE
Jonny Oates, Baron Oates
Ozwald Boateng OBE
Zeinab Badawi
Hugh Quarshie
John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich
Paul Gladstone Reid MBE
Reggie Norton Former Trustee and Chair of Anti Slavery International
Nick Westcott – Director of the Royal African Society
Rama Gheerawo – Dir Helen Hamly Centre for Design

“It is imperative that this long overdue memorial is put in place, not only as a place to remember and pay respects to those horrific atrocities during the Afro-Holocaust but to commemorate those people who gave their lives to build this country, and lastly to remind us all of those significant contributions made by the Afro-Caribbean community.” – Eunice Olumide MBE
“I hope One Voice For Freedom wins us the Fourth Plinth from the Mayor – we must remember the generations murdered, tortured, raped and silenced so others could get rich.” – Ashley Walters

On the fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square, under Lord Nelson’s watch, we hope to create a permanent space of contemplation that can facilitate forgiveness. The presence of such a memorial will be a platform to engage and promote knowledge. Through educating future generations about one of the most significant and tragic periods in world history we can better understand Britain and her future.

The necessity of this cause is becoming increasingly transparent as we become more aware of the impacts of the slave trade, and their pervasion of modern society.
NOW is the moment to learn, evaluate and for us all to heal for the good of our nation.

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